The Stellar Podcast

Stellar Community LIVE: February 27th

Episode Summary

Kolten and Tyler recorded their first live show on February 27th. This is that show in its entirety. We cover some of the communities most common and pressing questions as well as go over in more detail what Stellar is, the purpose it serves and how the Stellar Development Foundation is structured to guide Stellar towards those goals.

Episode Notes

start - 3:50
Welcome and intro

3:50 - 5:20
Regulator conversations
Regulators are warming up

5:20 - 7:10
Will there be a Meridian conference this year? Yes!
Face to face meetings are meaningful

7:10 - 9:10
Thoughts around unofficial communities
Localized communities are very important
Stellar community is in a cool growth stage

9:10 - 12:10
Stellar Community Fund season 2
Value of the SCF

12:10 - 14:20
Any plans to recruit more developers?
Workshops, docs, tutorials, hackathons
More about hackathons

14:20 - 18:20
Building client services on Stellar
Fully featured demo Stellar wallet

18:20 - 19:50
Hackathons as a source for feedback on docs

19:50 - 22
Don't know much about DSTOQ
We don't have inside information, we know what you know
We're not gatekeepers to the network

22 -28:30
Current state of scalability
Horizon updates
Horizon explained

28:30 - 31
What's this "thing" for?
Highlights the difference between what the SDF does for Stellar and what companies build with Stellar

31 - 44:20 ⭐️
Best way to handle wallets?
Key storage and management
Albedo →
Only expose features necessary for your service
Put yourself in your user's shoes

44:20 - 52:40 ⭐️
What business value does Stellar truly provide?
That's up to the businesses building on Stellar
Stellar is a network not a product
The value is the network
Stellar is versatile
Stellar as a payments engine
Our stakeholders are the builders

52:40 - end
Closing, links and wrap up