The Stellar Podcast

Stellar News Recap: January 27th – February 7th

Episode Summary

In today's episode we cover all the big Stellar news from the Stellar Dev Digest Issues #29 and #30 (Jan 24th - Feb 7th), including a significant Stellar shoutout in a recent US-governmental meeting, the massive release of Horizon 1.0.0 beta, and the new website. We also dig into RealtyBits, a company that issues shares of real estate on the Stellar network. Sound interesting? It definitely is!

Episode Notes

Stellar Dev Digest: Issue #29
Stellar Dev Digest: Issue #30

Mr. Emmer Stellar Shoutout

Horizon 1.0.0 beta release horizon-v1.0.0-beta
Help get the ecosystem ready

New is live
New feature highlights

Asset authorization flags

Build Your Own Stellar Wallet – Workshop in San Francisco