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Stellar News Recap: Virtual Events, Stellar Community Fund and Creating a Cash App on Stellar

Episode Summary

Well would you look at us, episode 11! We now need a toe to count them all. This week Kolten joins the show once again to wax eloquent on the current state of affairs here at the Stellar Development Foundation in light of COVID-19. As our community and ecosystem efforts all shift exclusively online, we are posed with new challenges — but also some amazing opportunities — to revamp and refocus on efforts we've had going for awhile. Keep an eye out for online live events and a hackathon in the following months. We also have the Stellar Community Fund, which has moved from submission to review, so be sure and get in on that action to provide feedback on all the great projects. Finally, we'll close out the show with some real talk on a use case for SEP24 and path payments which paves the way for building services like Cash App and Venmo on Stellar.

Episode Notes

Stellar Events

Stellar Community Fund

SEP24 & Path Payments